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A garden is just as important as the house it surrounds, a garden is a supplement or an extension of living spaces. In a region like  French Riviera / Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur, where much of life takes place outside, the garden occupies a very important place in everyday life. The ambience is of great importance. We relax, eat, drink with friends and family in the garden. What place is most preferable to put aside our preoccupations and our daily thoughts and enjoy life ...

A garden is unique because of its location and surroundings. Not two gardens are the same, no location is the same. In my opinion, nature must be involved and must be integrated into the garden and its unique characteristics of the location in the garden. Native, with a local planting base in the garden, combined with exotic plants that dominate the good characteristics to grow well in the garden. The use of traditional products such as plants, wood and stone and combine them with new and innovative products such as LED lighting, artificial grass and intelligent irrigation systems have priority. The climate is changing at a rapid pace; excessive use of energy, use of chemical pesticides, careless use of water and the disappearance of nature. In your garden you can, no matter the size of the garden, in its way contribute to the preservation of nature and the reduction of water and energy consumption.

Peter Huiskamp
Star Garden

Peter Huiskamp, ​​Dutch. Is a skilled landscaper and passionate by gardens.
Since 2009, Peter lives in France and in 2013 he founded STAR GARDEN.

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